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wiki and documentation software

Create, collaborate, and share knowledge seamlessly with Docmost.
Ideal for managing your wiki, knowledge-base, documentation and a lot more.

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Real-time collaborative rich-text editor

The editor allows multiple users to simultaneously edit pages in real-time. It has support for tables, math (LaTex), and callouts to name a few.

Permissions system

Control who can view, edit, and manage content with a robust permissions system, ensuring information is secure and accessible to the right people.


Organize your content into distinct spaces dedicated to different teams, projects, or departments, providing a structured and focused environment for collaboration.


Create and manage user groups to grant unified permissions, making it simple to control access by assigning roles and privileges collectively.

Comment system

Engage in meaningful discussions directly on your pages with the integrated inline commenting system.

Page History

View the history of changes made to each page, allowing you to track edits over time and revert to previous versions if needs be.


The search is powered by Postgres full-text search which system allows you to quickly locate the information you need across all pages.

Nested pages

Docmost supports nesting of pages to any level. You can reorder and manage your pages through simple drag-and-drop functionality directly from the sidebar.


Easily attach images and videos to your pages just by pasting from your clipboard. Docmost supports both S3 and local storage drivers.